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On Agate Road Scattered Sunlight Brightens A County Landmark
Christmas Eve Farmstead Sky Drama
Lingering Afternoon Rays Capture Migrating Trumpeters On The Mississippi

Winter At The Shoeing Barn

Natural Ice Shrine

Muted Dawn Casts Soft Shadows, Highlighting Lake And Shore Textures

A Small Flow Window Opens In The Frozen Rhodes Mill Dam

Sunrise Tunnels Beneath Cloud Bank Moving Across Red Rock Lake

Bluff Creek Winds Its Way To The Distant Barn After The Storm

Maquoketa River Winds Its Way Through Winter Scene

Lone Meadow Tree Directs The Sunset

Winter Evening Feed

Artful Tableau-Vivant Plays Out In An Ancient Yellow River Forest

Minus 30 Degree Chill Sustains Sundog Dawn

Rural Iowa's Wondrous Snow Dunes I

Sunbeams Filter Through Clouds Bathing Lake In Golden Glow

Frozen Water Crystals On Native Grasses

Tractors In Exile Against A Silver Valance

Winter Textures On Lakeside Trail

Miss Marquette Glows In The Mississippi Morning Twilight

Creekside Greenery and Snow Juxtapose Winter And Summer

Picture The Wind Chill

Rural Iowa's Wondrous Snow Dunes II

Hazy Sky Enlists Sunrise To Paint A Pastel Dawn

Hoar Frost And Freezing Mists Along Bluff Creek Spillway

Does Returning From Morning Watering - 6-Point Buck Watching In Background

Winter Landscapes Galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20