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Painterly: Having qualities unique to the art of painting ... visible brushstrokes due to applying paint in a less than completely controlled manner ... distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour. [source: various]
Autumn's Rushing Spring Waters

Delicate Spring Bouquet on White

Hearts in the Garden

An Autumn Grassland Trail

Warm Lights and Vibrant Colors

Death Valley Days

Rolled Bales on Golden Ribbons

Gurgling Pastoral Perfection

Windswept Summer Field

Fordson's Rest

An Elaborate Brocade Of Texture and Reflection

An Autumn Road Winds Into the Foggy Bluffs

Brush With Nature X
Fall Spring Water Cascade

Mississippi Rain Fishing

Early Fall Sailing By

Serenity Park Autumn

Whimsical Garden

A Grant Wood-esque Farmland

Storm Clouds Bluff

Trumpeting Summer Colors

Turkey River Motor Mill

Wintry Textures

Brush With Nature IX
Dunnings Spring Autumn Charm

Sunrise Warmed Porch Swing

Rapture in a Wooded Grotto

Colorful Harvest Beauty

Tractor Tombstones

Tuscany Morning; Flyover Country

Tranquil Waters Sunset

Fertile Horizons

Spring Breakout

Scattered Crop Ribbons

Rural Chateau Nestled Against the Protective Bluff

Crop Rows, Evergreen Rows, Windbreak Rows, Cloud Rows
Painterly Expressions Galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6