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Painterly: Having qualities unique to the art of painting ... visible brushstrokes due to applying paint in a less than completely controlled manner ... distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour. [source: various]
Yellow River Weathered Cedar

The House on the Corner

Autumn Byway

Maximilian Sunflowers and Golden Grain

Shuttered Tiny Tidy Early Farmstead

Fallen Leaves and Autumn Reflections

Boathouse Dawn

Autumn Scents, Crunchy Footsteps

The J.A. White at the Riverbank

Winter's Magic Skies

Burled Oak Farmstead

Brush With Nature I

Brush With Nature II
A Bridge Not Too Far

Jolly Mates

Beyond the Maiden Grasses

Brilliant Pastel Dawn

Alligator Teeth

The Old Schoolhouse

Proud Old Barn

Holliwell Bridge on the Middle River

A Sweet Pair

Elegance on Blue

Brush With Nature IV

Brush With Nature V

Brush With Nature VI
Done Fishin'

The Sound of Sunrise

Golden Waves and Fall Colors

Fresh Paint

Autumn Gravelin'

Glorious Canopy

Storm's A-formin'

Resting Leaves

Seeds Poppin'

Brush With Nature VII

Brush With Nature VIII

Brush With Nature III
Painterly Expressions Galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6