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Painterly: Having qualities unique to the art of painting ... visible brushstrokes due to applying paint in a less than completely controlled manner ... distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour. [source: various]
Fallen Leaves Gather at the Wishbone

Frosted Fruitful Tulips

Tangerine Mist at the Isle of Capris

Naturally Framed Sunrise

Sun-Kissed Morning

Reflections of Earlier Times on the Turkey River

Colorful Floral Cups Catching Sunlight II

Butterfly House

Morning Glory

Lavish Green Bounty

Autumn On The Farmstead

Hogback Bridge Defies The Blizzard
Rich Growth Over Hill and Dale

Hot Mississippi River Twilight

Chickory Dotted Grasses

Cotton Candy Crab Blossoms

Once An Elegant Dream

Colorful Floral Cups Catching Sunlight I

Leaving Guttenberg

Orange-Lemon Slices

Foggy Morning Mill

Welcome Home

Canvas Swatches Color Patches

Weathering The Storm
Blackeyed Susan & Coneflower Festival

Sunrise Heated Fog

Sunrise Drive-In

Winterland Oasis

Blossoms in the Morning Meadow

The Blacksmith's Shop

Blown Grass and Barn Quilt

Deer-Trimmed Windbreak

Sunny Dispositions

Dogwood Ruffles

A Wind-Blown Cloud Cover Races Across The Farmscape

Red Barn At The Trestle
Painterly Expressions Galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6