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Fresh Rain Sprinkled Leaves Add Deep Color To Prairie Creek

Sunset Highlights The Edges Of The Changing Foliage

Autumn Beauty Enriches A Private Drive

Sunset Grotto

Late Day Sunlight Breaks Through The Clouds

Summer Hideaway Gets A Fresh Look

Canada Geese Paddle Among the Colors

Color Frames the Mississippi

Roadside Market
Sandstone Formations Parallel Prairie Creek

Autumn Stages Showcased At Sunset

The Old Fishin' Hole Gets A Coat Of Autumn Paint

Flaming Foliage And Forms

Sunset Spotlights The Changing Hues

An Autumn Illusion

Oak Savannah Awash In Setting Sunlight

Color Frames the Mississippi II

Radiant Birch Fan the Sky
Brushy Creek Reservoir Captures Reflected Hues

Windswept Fall Leaves Mimic Flames

A Tapestry Of Egrets and Foliage Bathed In Sunset

Old Riverbed Framed In Autumn Hues

Sunrise Electrifies The Rising River Mist

The Barn Receives A Fall Compliment

Basking in Shades of Color

Mirrored Pond Within Rich Textures

Anamorphosis And Metamorphosis
Fall Landscapes Galleries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14