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Colter Bay Grand Tetons

Craters Of The Moon National Monument - Idaho

At Storm's Edge, Sweetwater Co., Wyoming

Jenny Lake Shoreline North to Rockchuck Peak

Wind Scouts - Bear River Divide - Uinta Co., WY

Elegant Digs In An Earlier Time - WY

Cowbirds Timeout On A Bison

Moon Passage Elk Mountain Range Wyoming

Devil's Slide - Weber Canyon, Utah
Moon Passage Over Grand Teton Peak

Not Quite Home - Mountain Home, Idaho

Medicine Bow Mtn Range Sunrise - Wyoming

Mount Moran And Skillet Glacier Shimmer In Morning Haze

Symbols Of A Rugged Wyoming Landscape - Medicine Bow

Starry Starry Night Over A Wyoming Highway

An Americana Moment On A Hidden Idaho Stream

Top Hat Motel - Split Rock Wyoming

Soldier Mountain Foothills Irrigation - Fairfield, Idaho
Swan Valley Idaho Wheat Field - Snake River Range

Big Sky In Bear River Range - Utah

Cascade Canyon Across Jenny Lake - Grand Tetons

Sunflowers Triumphant On The Edge Of A Golden Field - ID

Elk Mtn Reservoir Reflects Clouds Above Its Namesake - Wyo

Lush Rolling Clouds and Wheat - Swan Valley Idaho

'Roadway Confluence' at Sunrise August 2006 - Sidney, Nebraska

Red Canyon - Wyoming

Face On The Cabin - Wyoming
Desert Northwest Galleries: 1 2