Rowles FineArt Photography
Located in the historic Iowa train town of Boone, Iowa -
named after it's explorer Nathan Boone,
Son of the legendary Daniel Boone.

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Photography Career Highlights

Magazine Covers, Feature Photos,
Interior Fine Art Prints

Our Iowa Magazine
(the ‘Arizona Highways’ for Iowa)
Editors, Rick Jost & Larry Wiebel
Jerry Wiebel Editor Emeritus
Ames, IA

Iowa State University
Curtiss Hall
Conference Room Murals
Ames, IA

Kendall Hunt Publishing
Global Science Text
Project Coordinator, Carrie A. Maro
Dubuque, IA

Draft Horse Journal
Editor, Lynn Telleen
Waverly, IA

Saylorville Lake Project
Visitors Center
Des Moines, IA

University Of Iowa
Oberman Animal Studies
Iowa City, IA

The Iowan Magazine
Editor, Dan Weeks
Pioneer Communications
Des Moines, IA

Photoworks Publications
Ann Arbor, MI


As a clinical neuropsychologist I was trained in both the physiological and interpretive aspects of human experience - the physical sensors and the interpretive sensation that we bring to our experiences.

In more than thirty years of self-training in photography it struck me that clinical neuropsychology is an apt metaphor for the photographer and their camera. More than ever in the digital age, the camera is the limited, primitive equivalent of the human visual sensory organs - a mechanical sensor, with the photographer acting as the interpreter and expresser of the impression registered on that mechanical sensor.

In constructing a photograph, the photographer directs their eyes to view a scene - directs the camera to compose a photo. The camera registers the sensory information of light, wavelength and contrast onto its brain - the memory card. The photographer then processes those sensory traces in post-processing and interprets the sensor-recorded experience - adding the human cognition/emotion they brought to the moment.

Just as in the psychology of human personality, no two photographers bring exactly the same interpretation to the composition and processing. The range of human expression and experience, from coldly clinical, to pragmatic, to creative and dramatic - and sometimes a little crazy - is unique to each of us. For this reason, no photographer can stand in exactly the same spot, time, light and weather, with exactly the same equipment as did Ansel Adams and recreate an Ansel Adams photograph. They are not Ansel Adams and they cannot clone his sensory experiences and thought processes.

Similarly, such is the difference between the snapshot and the photo as art. The snapshooter grabs a picture to later savor or share with others, adding the emotion in recounting and verbally sharing with those close to them. The photographic artist composes and processes a photograph in their uniquely personal way to retell their story and their sensation in the silence of a two-dimensional print to anyone who will listen.

If you hear it, sense it, and feel it, then the artful effort was successful. This, in my personal opinion is the essence, the Passion of Photography.

Gerald (Jerry) Rowles PhD

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Business Career Highlights

Director of Purchasing
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Los Angeles, CA

General Manager
Shelby American
Playa Del Rey, CA

Assistant Director
Aspen Chamber &
Visitors Bureau
Aspen, CO

Regional Sales Manager
E.R. Carpenter Co.
San Antonio, TX

General Manager
Swan Packing, Inc.
Des Moines, IA
(Photography Day Job Before Going Pro)

Clinical Career Highlights

Administrative Manager
Touchstone Mental Health Clinic
Aspen, CO

Governor's Mental Health
Advisory Board
Denver, CO

Arizona State University
BS Psychology – Summa cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
Wayne State University
MA Clinical Psychology
PhD Clinical Neuropsychology
Detroit, MI

Clinical Neuro/Psychologist
Clinical Treatment Coordinator - Detroit, MI
Staff Psychologist - Chico, CA
DOC Psychologist - Fort Dodge, IA

Early Work in Black & White [with some revisions]

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