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White Cabbage Paired on Purple
Dragonfly Sips Queen Anne's Nectar

Monarch Feeds On Coneflower Favorites

The Cosmopolitan - Painted Lady

Purple Fountain Monarch

White Cabbage on Purple

A Cold Morning Slumber Bee

Mating on the Yellow Coneflower

Bumble Bee Target

Oblivious Tenacity

Cabbage White Sips Blue Crystal
Orange Sulphur Butterfly Explores Birdfoot Deervetch

Not A Bee Nor A Butterfly - Mother Hummingbird

Monarch Poses On The Beardtongue

Orange Sulphur Strikes A Stunning Purple Pose

Orange Sulphur With Purple Accents

Dragonfly In The Loop

Dew-Soaked Visitor

Cone Crown

Blue Crystaline Sugar & Sulfur

Powder Puffs & Monarch
Orange Sulphur Butterfly Sips Queen Anne's Lace

Monarch In A Pastel Field Of Sweet Clover

Cosmopolitan Time Out

A Tattered Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Still Impresses

White Cabbage on Purple

Incoming Yellow Sulphur

Silk Screened Monarch

Domed Web Mesmerizes A Vistor

Butterfly Dream
Butterflies, Bees & Plants Galleries: 1 2 3