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Clutch Left / Brake Right
Sunrise Apparitions

American Icons Meet Under Wispy Sky

Fluid Drive

Old 123 Idled By Winter Storm

Out Of Service and Ambushed

Classic Eyelids

Remember Me?

Navy Blue Plymouth With Sunburn

Midnight Motion

Winterized International

Crumpled Companions


A Rolling Pickup Gathers No Ivy

Just Can't Let Go
Belle Plaine Lincoln Highway

Tight Fit

Window Web

Auger Truck Every Which Way

Eldorado - The Golden One

Plymouth Explorer

The Hoyt-Clagwell


Outta Gas

Innovative Turning

Old One-Eye

Farming History Lives On
Put Out To Pasture

Winter's Grip

Little Town, Big City Convenience

Pisgah Fire Station

A Booty Beauty

Plymouth Under Full Sails

1949 International Harvester KB-5

Road Warrior

MGB Homestead

Aftermarket Turning

Planted But Not Growing

Family Coupe Kept
Automotive Impressions Galleries: 1 2 3 4